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Dental Implants in Balwyn North

Dental implant technology has improved a long way.


Dental implant technology has improved a long way. We are committed to be at the forefront of this service. It is now possible to achieve normal eating function and beautiful smile with the aid of dental implants.

Our place is a one stop clinic for implant dental services. We perform both the surgical placement and tooth restoration. By being both Surgeon and Restoration Dentist, patients can achieve faster, cheaper and seamless result. We will be responsible for each stage of treatment, and having all procedures done in the same location is convenient and more comfortable for our patients.

One of the most exciting aspects of this technology is Immediate Implants. Where there is adequate bone density and volume, it is possible to place implant and restore the tooth at the same time with provisional crown. This saves costs as it negates the use of temporary denture. It is also less discomfort as it avoids 2nd stage surgery of implant fixture exposure.

An implant is an artificial tooth root which is surgically inserted into the jawbone. It is used to hold a prosthetic tooth or series of teeth in place. In this way, implants function in a similar way to a natural tooth root.

Many people use the term ‘implant’ to mean the entire replacement tooth, but it actually only refers to the part inserted into the bone.

Implants may be used in cases where the patient has had an accident which has caused them to lose one or more of their teeth. There are also some medical conditions which result in missing teeth, such as hypodontia and cleft palate and lip. Other people choose to have implants for purely cosmetic reasons.

The result is artificial teeth which look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.

In order to be a good candidate for an implant, the patient should have strong, healthy gums and a jawbone that is capable of supporting the new root.
A successful implant requires healthy gums and bone. Patients who have underlying oral health problems like gingivitis, or who have experienced bone loss due to a tooth abscess may not be suitable for implant surgery.
However, in many cases, it’s possible to carry out a bone graft to strengthen the jawbone before implants are inserted.

One alternative for patients who can’t have conventional implants is mini dental implants. These are similar in structure to their larger counterparts but have a thinner root, about the width of a toothpick. This means that less bone is needed to hold them in place.

If you have been told you can’t have implants because you have suffered jawbone loss or your bone density is too low, mini dental implants may still be an option.

An added benefit of mini dental implants is they can usually be fitted in a single visit—no need to wait three to six months for the implant to settle.

There are two main types of dental implants.

The first is the endosteal implant. These are inserted directly into the jawbone and hold one or more artificial teeth in place via abutments. They look like small screws, either tapered or cylindrical.

The other is the subperiosteal implant. This implant has a metal base which is fitted under the gum tissue but above or on the jawbone. The artificial teeth are fitted in the same way, to supports which protrude from the gums. This type is less common but is an alternative for patients with a shallow jawbone that won’t support endosteal implants.

Dental implant materials

There are different materials that can be used for the part of the implant inserted into your jawbone, which functions like a tooth root.

Titanium implants are most commonly used and are considered the best dental implants by many dental surgeons. This metal is incredibly strong and is biocompatible with your jawbone, meaning there should be no reaction and the bone naturally grows around it over time. The implants are not made from pure titanium as this is too soft; instead, various alloys have been developed.

Advantages of implants:

  • Permanent, long-lasting solution to tooth loss
  • Stable and durable
  • Can’t be misplaced since they aren’t removable
  • No issues with speech
  • Allow normal eating
  • Look and feel like natural teeth
  • No adhesives or special cleaning required
  • Don’t affect adjacent healthy teeth
  • Success rate of 90-95%

Your dental implants should last at least 10 years, and depending on the quality, can last much longer than that. In order to make your implants last for as long as you need them, make sure to engage in good oral hygiene.

Dental implants are widely accepted as a safe and effective dental restoration treatment. Possible complications may result from not enough bone structure, poor placement or bad oral hygiene. To ensure the safest procedure possible, make sure your dentist has specialized implant training and plenty of experience.

Same-day or one-day dental implants are referred to by dentists as immediate load implants. This means that a temporary crown is attached to the implant right after implant insertion. They are functional and esthetic, as you can eat and brush with your same-day implant. To be a candidate for immediate load implants, your dentist will want to make sure that you have strong bones and a healthy mouth.

Dental implants involve a screw being inserted into your jaw that fuses with your natural bone. An abutment is then connected to the screw, and holds the crown in place. The crown is normally made from ceramic and looks like a natural tooth. Implants are meant to be a permanent solution for missing teeth.

When you get your implants, you’ll be anesthetized so you won’t feel any pain while the implant procedure is happening. Afterward, however, you’ll likely feel some discomfort, and your mouth will probably be sore at the site of the implant. But, once your implant has healed, you won’t feel a thing!

Alternatives to dental implants include dentures, (false teeth) and bridges.

Having a confident smile can make a big difference to people in their careers, their personal lives and their social lives. If you’re interested in dental implants call our Indonesian dentist in Balwyn today on 9859 3533.

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