Fees & Policy

Dental Treatment Fees

Initial Intraoral Examination & Cosmetic Assessment $95
Intraoral Radiograph $50/radiograph
Scaling & Cleaning $133
Resin Restoration/Build Up $250 – $650
Resin Crown $650
Porcelain Crown $2,100
Porcelain Veneer $2,100
Dental Implant
(surgical placement & implant crown restoration)
Complete Whitening Treatment $540
Whitening Treatment Refill $180
Fissure Sealant $120/tooth
Gum Lift $450/tooth
Professional Fitted Mouth Guard $240
Wisdom Tooth Removal $350 – $750/tooth

Note : The above fees in only a guide.
[To confirm exact cost we recommend comprehensive examination & radiography]

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Office Policies


On your first visit to our practice you will be welcomed by our friendly staff and asked to fill out a simple form stating your dental and medical history. This will help us better understand and address your individual needs.

We will take the time to listen to your concerns and desires. Comprehensive records as well as photographs will be taken to assist our diagnosis. If the problem is simple we will discuss the treatment options and you will leave our office with clear understanding as to the next step in your treatment plan. With complex treatment it may be necessary to schedule another appointment to discuss your treatment plan.


Your beautiful smile is an investment. We will do our best to design a treatment plan to suit your budget. This is possible because with modern technology there is a vast array of materials and techniques available to manage your needs.

  1. For simple treatment, payment is expected at the time of service
  2. For complex/large treatment, payment options are:
    • Pay in advance at the commencement of treatment will benefit 4% off for cash/cheque & 2% off for EFTPOS/ credit card payments
    • Pay half at the commencement of treatment & half before completion.
    • Pro rata payment over the number of visits.


We accept BankCard: