Wisdom Teeth Extraction

impacted wisdom teeth treatment balwyn

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Balwyn North

Most people develop wisdom teeth, very often there is inadequate space for the eruption.


This leads to poor alignment, tilting or impaction. Difficulty in cleaning the impacted wisdom teeth often leads to infection, pain or swelling in the area.

Not everyone needs wisdom teeth removed. After your initial consultation we can inform you our advice and costs.

We have been removing wisdom teeth since 1994. Contrary to what most people belief, most wisdom teeth are quite straight forward. Removal is often done under local anesthesia only. Some may want sedation as well.

Our staff understand our patients’ anxiety in this matter. Every case is explained clearly and surgery is done with gentle manner and as conservative as possible to help facilitate healing. Complimentary follow up care is part of our service. Every patient is reviewed one week later to confirm healing.

Please call our friendly family dentist on 9859 3533 for an appointment today, our Indonesian dentist in Balwyn & Melbourne will be delighted to assist you.

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth
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