Restoration of Discolored & Old Crowns

discoloured old crown restoration balwyn north

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A crown is a cover for damaged teeth made of porcelain and/or metal. Bridge is a fixed prosthesis to replace missing tooth. This is usually attached to teeth on both sides of a missing tooth.


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Actual Case Examples

Case 1
Image Image

This pleasant lady had discoloured old restorations and metallic fillings which were visible when smiling. We replaced unsatisfactory restorations and also changed the shape of her teeth to create more harmonious smile giving her more confidence.

Case 2
Image Image

This young lady was unhappy with her unaesthetic old crowns. The old crowns had metal substructure giving a dark shadow on the gum line. These were replaced with the latest computer-assisted All Ceramic Crowns to create this new gorgeous smile. Because the crowns are translucent, black gum line disappeared after completion.

Case 3
Image Image

This gentleman had some porcelain fused to gold crowns that had started to break down, this exposed the underlying metal. New porcelain crowns were constructed to replace the old crowns. The new crowns do not have metal substructure and thus a more natural appearance.

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