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Root shaped Titanium alloy, which is inserted in jaw bone to provide support for missing tooth/teeth. Both surgical placement of implants and crown restoration are done by Dr Salim Sjaifuddin. In some cases, temporary crown can be attached to implant on the same visit. Some need healing period of 2 months while the patient is wearing removable denture.

Actual Case Examples

Case 1
Image Image

This lady has her front tooth extracted due to internal resorption. A single implant was inserted to act as supporting root for porcelain crown. Note the adjacent teeth were not used as supporting teeth (as in bridges). This improves their longevity.

Case 2
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This lady had lost her back teeth due to periodontal disease. Her jaw bone had resorbed accordingly. This necessitated placement of large bone graft (taken from her hip by specialist) to increase the bone volume. Nine implant fixtures were subsequently placed three months after bone graft. Crowns restoration was completed three months later. All the crowns are permanently fixed to the implants.

Case 3
Image Image

This pleasant lady has lost a few teeth. The teeth are collapsing due to the spacings. We inserted 10 Titanium Implants to replace the missing teeth and reconstructed her bite with 25 crowns. She is happy and more confident with her smile. Most importantly her bite is now stable.

Case 4
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This nice lady has badly broken down teeth with bone loss. The whole dentition is reconstructed using 11 Implant Supported Prosthesis. She eats better and is very confident with her new smile.

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