Worn Teeth Treatment in Balwyn North

worn teeth treatment balwyn north

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Worn teeth can happen due to night time grinding or over use of chewing function. Collapsed bite can result in jaw joint pain, headache, sore chewing muscle. And more importantly it gives an aged look.

By restoring the bite, we can increase the bite dimension to how it should be. This gives better support for the jaw joint and improve the smile.

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Actual Case Examples

Case 1
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This pleasant man has worn his teeth down due to night grinding. The upper teeth have also collapsed inwards reducing room for porcelain reconstruction. Fist we realign upper teeth with fixed braces and then reconstructed the teeth with cosmetic all ceremic restorations. The length of the teeth is now restored giving him a more youthful smile.

Case 2
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This nice lady was embarrassed to smile due to her worn and discoloured dentition. We reconstructed the teeth using porcelain crowns to give her this beautiful smile. Note that the alignment of her upper teeth follows the curve of lower lip line.

Case 3
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Before – This nice gentleman had worn & chipped teeth due to grinding habit. The teeth were also weakened due to exposed dentine and progressively getting worse.

After – We rebuild the teeth with cosmetic porcelain crowns. The crowns cover & protect the exposed dentine, and at the same time restore the shape of his teeth.

Case 4
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This gentleman had badly broken down dentition. There were some missing teeth, worn teeth, unsatisfactory restorations and collapsed dentition. Full Mouth reconstruction using fixed crowns & bridges, we rebuilt his bite to not only improve his smile but also stabilized his dentition and improve his chewing function.

Case 5
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This lady disliked her worn, uneven teeth and missing upper right premolar. Cosmetic Treatment involving a fixed Porcelain Bridge, Porcelain Veneers, Gum Shaping Crowns and Whitening Treatment were carried out. Treatment was completed within approximately 3 weeks. Final result shows a more beautiful face with teeth more proportionate to her face.

Case 6
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This lady had old resin veneers that was discolored, chipped & worn. We replaced them with porcelain veneers which are more durable & natural looking. Porcelain veneers will not discolour with time.

Case 7
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