Midline Gap Treatment in Balwyn North

midline gap treatment balwyn north

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Porcelain veneer is porcelain shell that is cemented over the front surface of teeth to modify the colour, shape, size, close gap, lengthen or straighten teeth. This is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in dentistry. The result is very natural. The natural tooth structure is maximally preserved as very little preparation is required. It strengthens the teeth and gives the teeth tough & wear resistant cover of porcelain.


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Actual Case Examples

Case 1
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This gentleman was dissatisfied with his midline gap, worn and Tetracycline-stained teeth. A combination of Ceramic Crowns, Veneers and Professional Whitening Treatment has given this handsome gentleman a more youthful look and self-confidence.

Case 2
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This young gentleman does not like the spacings between his teeth and size of his teeth are relatively narrow. We reshape his teeth using porcelain veneers making them wider and at the same time close the gaps. These procedures take about 2 – 3 visits and can be completed in around one month.

Case 3
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