General Dentistry

Childrens Dentist Balwyn North

Children’s Dentistry

We advise that children as young as 1-year-old to attend their first dental examination. Our gentle and caring approach to kids dental care reflects our core mission of education and prevention…

Root Canal Therapy Balwyn North

Root Canal Therapy

When decay has destroyed most parts of a tooth, it may also infect its nerves.
Usually, the tooth is very painful and this is the most common cause of dental emergency…

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Balwyn North

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

This leads to poor alignment, tilting or impaction. Difficulty in cleaning the impacted wisdom teeth often leads to infection, pain or swelling in the area…

Gum Lift Balwyn North

Gum Lift

Some people may have excessive gum tissue resulting in a gummy smile. Reshaping of the gum tissue can be done usually in one visit…

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