Tooth Whitening or Bleaching

In Chair or Take Home Tooth Whitening treatment in Balwyn

Our Beautiful Smile clinic offers deep cleaning treatments combined with in-chair whitening and at-home whitening treatments to ensure healthy white teeth.

Choose from Zoom laser in-clinic whitening, at-home whitening, or a combination of the two for the best and longest lasting results.

Our In-chair whitening treatments take around one hour and may take one visit to two weeks to complete. Our dentist uses a whitening gel in combination with a laser to penetrate the teeth and remove stains.

For at-home whitening a mold of your teeth will be used to create a custom tray. You can then use whitening gel for 30 minutes each day. The results of whitening should last around three years with good oral hygiene and diet.

Benefits of visiting a dentist for whitening

Although the cost of teeth whitening at the dentist is higher than at-home alternatives, there are a number of safety benefits from being treated by a professional:

  • Our Balwyn dentist will check you’re a suitable candidate for whitening. If you have inflamed gums or tooth decay, for example, whitening is not advisable.
  • For in-office whitening your gums will be protected with a seal or shield.
  • Mouth trays are custom-made to fit your teeth properly and ensure even gel coverage.
  • The dentist controls your treatment intensity and duration to produce the results you desire.

How long does teeth whitening take?

The best professional teeth whitening methods can show results with just an hour of treatment in the dentist’s office. You may need several visits to the dentist to achieve the desired results, so the total time to whiten teeth can be a few weeks.

If you opt for a professional bleaching kit, you should start to see results after a few days of daily use but treatment will continue for around 10-14 days.


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